Let`s make it happen,
Physical MaaS®~seamlessly connecting all “things”.

By converting logistics into a platform, we aid in shaping a promising and positive future where all participants in the logistics sector can operate in a healthy and vigorous manner.

EnvironmentThe solution for the environment issue

What can we offer to the world?

Keeping the 17 SDGs at the forefront, our primary focus is on global environmental challenges. Our CSR initiatives include building an AI-optimized logistics platform while accelerating the “Physical MaaS” logistics transformation to significantly reduce fuel usage and CO2 emissions, making a broad contribution to society.

Physical MaaS®

A platform to standardize One Stop Service as a global standard.

A revolutionary platform that redefines the traditional concept of transporting. The paradigm shift to the revolutional “Physical MaaS®” is well underway, challenging conventional notions.


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